Saturday, 25 February 2012

Metallic Dreams

Metallic Dreams by Mark Rice: I read this book at lightning pace over the past two days, in the bus, in my bed, at the breakfast table, at the factory canteen, it is a slice of fried gold as ever there was.  A brilliant read, Scottish Heavy Metal!hah!
You'll devour it I guarantee, hold on to your cassocks and be prepared for a thrill ride, an amazing tale with moments of sheer delight.  Very clever indeed.  Mr Rice, your a genius, who says the Devil writes all the best books...!?
It's available to read via your local bookshop (order it if not on the shelves), via Amazon, via GoodReads, via iBooks, via Kindle et al.
And listen Pop Pickers you don't need to be a Metal Head to enjoy its multilayered flavours, it's all about Spark MacDubh...indulge in his journey....



Toast said...

...and at a mere £2.58 on the Kindle a real bargain. Delivered in under a minute by wireless technology which is of course Darke-Magick!!!
I look forward to reading this, especially since the book I finished yesterday -We Need To Talk About Kevin- was vastly overrated!

Löst Jimmy said...

Toast - It's a veritable treat, written with flair that entertains. Of course, what better themes!!

Steve said...

Might add this to my Kindle list on your recommendation alone.

Toast said...

I am quite a few chapters into it now and thoroughly enjoying it. You don't have to be Heavy Metal fan to enjoy it but it's a bonus!