Monday, 28 January 2013

No Mortal Was Meant To Know Such Wonder

There are a few songs which just stand out, so indelibly tasty you'll even be able to recount the very moment you first heard it. If it were not for that sweet audio embellishment then more often than not the rest of that particular day would be lost among the plethora of other experiences we absorb or endure. Quite the reverse in fact for it is the unforgettable nature of the music which upon hearing it again conjurs up the entire events surrounding that specific experience, a song which evokes the past like a powerful sensory spell.

Come to think of it Dear Readers I've got a whole back catalogue capable of doing just that, a veritable musical autobiography if you will. But then regular readers will have guessed that already - sentimentalism is afterall, your friend and humble narrator's middle name.

The Blue Öyster Cult track I Love The Night from the Spectres album (1977) is one such piece of delightful music. It was an unusually sweltering (I say unusual because it is rarely if ever hot in the climatic sense round these parts) afternoon, I'd skipped work to take the Iron Horse a ride out for a beach picnic along with some other saddle tramps and birds (I apply the early eighties term here for effect rather than any sexist affiliation). On the way back through town I was feeling particularly buoyant (most likely from the additive laden refressssssshments at the picnic - if you catch my drift) I stopped at my local record shop to charge the senses further. Strapped inside the rucksack I hurtled the ten minute blast home, a few minutes later the Spectres LP was doing the 33rpm rounds on the old stereo.

When I heard the haunting strains of the Buck Dharma penned I Love The Night emit from the gently rippling vinyl grooves my heart stopped, it was one of the most beautiful sounds I had ever heard come from a piece of black vinyl. Maybe it was my jolly mood having spent a debauched afternoon, the trip on Onibaba riding like the wind back from the beachhead and the fact I'd still a few bob left to buy an album but whatever it was this song was the icing on the cake if you like. I understood the song's intentions to infect and invigorate right off and I soaked up every mellifluous moment again and again and again.

There are several notable songs on the Spectres album namely of course the homage to the king of kaijū, Godzilla. And there is the AoR bitter sweet melody of Death Valley Nights and the pretty amazing and dare I say it, charming, Nosferatu. The album is as metal goes a lightweight effort all in all, very much a reflection of the Blue Öyster Cult direction of rock as they began drifting away from the harder edged early years. Not that there is anything wrong with that per se given the breadth of the Cult's talents. Having said that, some of their best efforts came during the likes of albums' Cultösaurus Erectus and Fire of Unknown Origin. Nevertheless, if I am asked a Top Ten list of tunes I'd listen to then more often than not I Love The Night will feature. It is the song's nod to the undead, the vampire hunger undertones, indeed it's quite the love song really - perhaps the only love song which your humble narrator is readily and repeatedly able to endure without inducing some kind of gastro-oesophageal reflux.


Steve said...

A love song of high calibre is a notoriously hard thing to find...

boxerthai said...

I've been thinking about Blue Öyster Cult a lot recently, largely because they seem to have become - not before time - major influences on some up-and-coming bands. Ghost's entire Opus Eponymous album reeks of BÖC, as does Witchcraft's newest release, Legend. Aye, almost every metalhead knows (Don't Fear) The Reaper, but it's a shame that so much of BÖC's lesser-known material goes undiscovered and uncelebrated. It's good to see you step up to the plate with your heart (or BÖC patch) on your sleeve, Jimmy. For what it's worth, my two favourite BÖC albums: Mirrors and the amazing concept thing that is Imaginos.

Toast said...

I seem to be alone here, I really don't think that much of BOC. Most of their stuff leaves me totally cold but "I love the night" is a great song. I may have to dust off the album and give it another blast but I doubt my mind will be changed about BOC.

I find your skipping work and enjoying a day of fun and frolics to be the most interesting part of this post. Perhaps you should try that again this summer, we are bound to get the odd warm and dry day!