Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Flaming Telepaths

Now, via the previous post, I've got your undivided attention with regards to the matter of my eternal love~hate relationship with the music of Blue Öyster Cult here is my unrestrained tribute to Secret Treaties...

Fellow nostalgianauts let's hurtle back to 1974 to the hallowed era of the likes of Gerd Müller, Godzilla v. Mechagodzilla, The Monster of Peladon and now sample the fine frenzied flavour of the BÖC album Secret Treaties. I asked that Lothian Lout Mr H to identify his Cult choices and he put this record as one of the defining benchmarks. And so it is for your humble narrator, I acquired my vinyl copy in the autumn of 1980.

It is hailed by many as a proto-metal masterpiece, I call it an essential ingredient to your home audio treasure trove.

This carries THE heavyweight songs such as Subhuman, Harvester of Eyes, Flaming Telepaths, Career of Evil and the truly sublime creation Astronomy.

I spent a great deal of the 1980s on a sort of vinylesque quest to seek out all things BÖC. I saw them as a sensational saviour to all my ills and misfortune, their music saw me through the darkest of times. And yet as I've often remarked the Öyster Boys are not always palatable to these ears but their redemption is in the tracks of wonder which outshines the mediocre.

Yes Dear Readers, I was that glakit geezer who shouted the loudest hoots of delight above the crowd as the BÖC were lost in a sound misfire performance at Donington 1981. I didn't care.

My enduring pet hate about BÖC was their need to load up playing cover songs, no need why blight the shows and the live albums in this way. There's only so much Born to be Wild a man can take!

I've a copy of every 'Cult album and in each there is fried gold as well as foul fillers. I'm never under any illusion when I load up the iPod or turntable or CD grinder.

Back to Secret Treaties though with its homage to the fabulous wonder weapon the Messerschmitt 262 and the customary mystical lyrics throughout. Is there ever a better place to acquaint yourself with the mysterious world of the Blue Öyster Cult?

Embrace it!
(And that includes you Mike...)

And before I go and make myself a hot toasted sandwich of Cheddar & Marmite, go read Julian Cope's eloquent examination of BÖC. It makes for a pleasing analysis far greater than my feeble words of praise here...

Julian Cope's BÖC Blitz


Mr H said...

[soils himself slightly]

Gorilla Bananas said...

I wonder if Gerd Müller liked that sort of music. It wouldn't surprise me given his playing style - they didn't call him Der Bomber for nothing. A far more prolific goal scorer than that wanker George Best.

Steve said...

You are, as ever, eloquent and enticing...

Toast said...

I will acquire a copy and give it a chance...honest ;>)

Toast said...

I am glad to say I really love the Album, so much so that I have ordered a hardcopy from Amazon.
I have been playing it over and over again and it is all killer no filler!

John Medd said...

Gerd Muller. Now there's a blast from the past. He certainly had the beating of The Cat in 1970. Can honestly say that aside from The Reaper I know nothing about The Cult. Nice sleeve tho'.

Löst Jimmy said...

Mr H - soiling amidst the aura of the Cult, is permitted

GB - Müller, a childhood hero of mine, poacher par excellence

Steve - Thank you kind sir

Toast - Now that's what I call good taste!

John - Müller never looked like a striker did he?
But what a player!

Frank Christopher Schroeder said...

Finally I find the time to post. Secret Treaties is a superb album from start to finish, I don't know why I never got more into BÖC. I own this album and consciously know one more song, which is 'Don't Fear The Reaper'.

I think I have to give the rest of their stuff a serious listen.

As for Gerd Müller, I met the man on a couple of occasions and even played football with him once (I am not THAT old, it was 1983, I was a teenager and he was just about ending his career).

Superb footballer, even though I am a supporter of 'the other team' Munich 1860.

Müller himself is a very humble type of guy and although you can never know for sure it would very much surprise me if he had any knack for rock music. He's more the traditional bavarian folk music type of bloke.

Toast said...

@Frank: I have dabbled with a few other BOC albums and they were not at all to my taste but Jimmy will no doubt convince me to try some more.

Asfor that football chap, maybe he would enjoy some rip roaring Folk-Metal by the likes of the mighty, FINNTROLL! Perhaps not...

Löst Jimmy said...

Frank - Gerd Muller was/is my footballing hero.
I wrote a fan letter to him as a teenager and got back a signed photo.