Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Top of the World Ma-Ma

Gratuitous Lena Headey image time.
Ma-Ma of PeachTrees

It's -5C here this evening and the snow lies thick. I'm content listening to Jailbreak album by Thin Lizzy, I do like the BBC session stuff on the deluxe edition.

I must say that Shetland oatcakes by Walls Bakery is a treat with Jarlsberg cheese. Mug of hot tea obligatory.

Let's be having your current music playlists?


Steve said...

Currently enjoying Lena as the poisonous Cersei in Game Of Thrones season 2... a boxed set I am enjoying immensely.

John Medd said...

1 Deg and falling here. The Number One Son and his Fair Maiden are stopping with us for a few days - we're fed and watered and remembering a great lady who sadly died last night.

These albums have recently been coming up again and again. Diamond's contains some choice cuts (as you'd expect), not least a beautiful tune called 'Save Me A Saturday Night'.

Chris Sherburn & Denny Bartley: Lucy Wan
Neil Diamond: 12 Songs
Jinski: Down Here
The Sweet: Level Headed
Nick Lowe: Dig My Mood

Toast said...

Not that cold just 100 miles south of you and no snow as yet. A hot mug of tea does sound like a good idea though.

Playlist? Mainly Adele's "21" and Faith No More's brilliant first album, "Introduce Yourself", but I feel the need for some Saxon before snoozing tonight.

She Was A Princess of the Night!

Ole Phat Stu said...

-15°C and heavy snow this morning, but there should be a thaw next week :-)

Just watching Nina Hagen sing Seaman on YouTube; even better than the Rammstein cover :-)

Frank Christopher Schroeder said...

Watching The Third Man online.


Metallica - Remember Tomorrow
Helloween - Ride The Sky
The Cult - Love Removal Machine
Accept - Princess Of The Dawn
AC/DC - What's Next To The Moon

Löst Jimmy said...

Thank you one and all for your contributions here, I'm delighted at the variety as usual!
Steve - Cersei I'd happily fall under her spell, however poisonous
John - sorry for your loss
Thank you for the great diverse playlist it's always a treasure hunt for me to seek out
Toast - I'm not familiar with Faith No More, do they include rap lines in their music?
Stu - Nina & Apocalyptica version is top notch indeed
Frank - thanks for this classic selection, & that's my favourite Accept song!

Toast said...

Rap lines? Not really, although there is the odd miniscule nod to hip hop. Try this track on for size:

Löst Jimmy said...

Hip hop!
Vic won't like it!

Toast said...

Only the merest hint of an insubstantial echo of hippity hop on a couple of tracks. Mostly it's just good old ROCK!