Tuesday, 14 May 2013

(Don't) Report This, Agents of Förtune

Double Live Albums, and there have been a few are usually things of Gatefold beauty. Dear Readers we have mentioned many of them in the virtual pages of this here caring, sharing blog.  The 1970s and greater part of the 1980s are thankfully lined with them. 

I must pose a question, has there ever been a finer Side 4 in the realm of double live epics than the Side 4 of ExtraTerrestrial Live by The Blue Öyster Cult?
Riding on the crest of the Cultösaurus Erectus/Fire of Unknown Origin resurgence this live set is a true hair stander upper...

Side 4 offers a three song embrace of the most electrifying heavy music your ears are ever likely to encounter. Make no mistake it will enhance you!

It begins with Veteran of the Psychic Wars and as it stands the greatest, the most frenzied, and yea, the most sublime Buck Dharma guitar workout ever laid down on vinyl, probably. 

This version of an already classic song is a truly magnificent marvel of transmitted treasures ever to assault me through a Marshall backline!

And then there is a ripping, rousing version of E.T.I (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) with a mid section that booms at your senses leaving you a grateful gibbering wreck in the midst of such a sonic sensation. The immersive sounds as they are brings out a Metallic Science Fiction soundtrack feel akin to an out of control and rather noisy StarGate, wholly appropriate given the themes here.

And then the grand finale, the AOR favourite and all round melancholic masterpiece wrapped in dark humour, the delightfully ageless (Don't) Fear The Reaper. It is an astonishing version and in some warped audio way brings the listener back to earth as the crescendo clears.  One thing's for certain, you'll be back for more...so load up your Gramophone/8-Track/Tape-deck/CD Player/MP3/iPod and deliver the goods to your malnourished souls. 

The world hath need for more BÖC such as Side 4 ETL!


Steve said...

Ah gatefold LPs... the smell of vinyl, the slight static charge when you pull the record out of the sleeve... manna...

John Medd said...

Re: para 2. Yes! UFO's Strangers In The Night. Side 4 kicks off with Too Hot To Handle and closes with Let It Roll and Shoot Shoot. Game, set and match to me Jimmy!

Mark Rice said...

A BÖC story. My journalist pal Mike, who wrote gig reviews for the Sunday Mail newspaper in Scotland, reviewed BÖC's 2006 gig on the Renfrew Ferry, a boat which had its mechanical insides ripped out and replaced by a stage. I couldn't make it to that gig. The next time I saw Mike, I asked him how the concert had been. He replied, "Excellent, except for me inadvertently pouring a pint of beer over Bob Rondinelli's head."

"What?" I asked. "How the f**k did that happen?" It turns out that Mike had been seated at one of the few tables in the gallery, high above the stage and crowd. His seat was directly above Bob Rondinelli's drum stool. Mike heard the band's opening riffs while he was at the bar buying beer. He rushed back to his seat, placed his pint of beer on the table, then, while hastily rearranging the position of his seat for a better view of the band, managed to bump the table, tipping over his pint glass. The full volume of beer spilled over the edge of the table and onto Rondinelli's head. Mike made a sharp exit from that table and sat elsewhere. Bob, a true professional, composed himself after the unexpected beer shower.

In 2008 BÖC returned to the same venue. This time I was there with Mike. He and I sat at a table in the gallery, but far from the drum kit. I wondered if Bob Rondinelli would remember the venue. Had he been traumatised by the previous experience? When the band hit the stage, Bob's body language answered my question. During the first song, Bob glanced upwards, a worried look on his face. He remembered! At regular intervals throughout the show, Rondinelli looked straight up, his expression somewhere between worried expectation (of a soaking) and relief (at still being dry). I said to Mike, "See what you did, ya clumsy oaf? Rondinelli's a nervous wreck doon there!" Bob's drumming never suffered, though. BÖC played a spectacular gig.

On the way to the gig, Mike and I saw Buck Dharma wandering up the street towards The Ferry, alone and eating what looked like a kebab. I was used to seeing him in grand poses: on album covers; on vast arena stages in front of sold-out crowds. Here he was on a derelict Glasgow street, stepping over broken bottles and smashed slabs. Surreal.

Ole Phat Stu said...

OT: What's with Lemmy? His appearance at Wacken has been cancelled.

Toast said...

Lemmy is having a few health problems but assures fans that he will be back.