Sunday, 13 April 2014


I've oft dabbled in chatter here about the scared sensations that is/was the 1970/80s live albums.  This is another gem of wonder which is worthy of a listen or 3.  Essential really.

Whilst I got into Whitesnake under the hypnotic lure of the then newly released LoveHunter record sleeve and the appreciation of Mr Coverdale's Purple output (that's not a pun intended), it was the live album which put me under the band's spell. It's lavish Rockin Blues grooves and heavy rock overtones just hits the spot.  

It is worth noting here that the band's recent Made in Japan release is certainly deserving of your indulgence.

Sunday, 30 March 2014


I'm suffering from a rather nasty bout of flu, the swine (geddit?) so a shortened script today...
Vinyl, you can't beat it's sound...
What was the first 'record' you ever bought?
Let's be having you!
My first LPs was a double purchase Rainbow Rising and Lizzy's Jailbreak...

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Heavy Metal Ümläüt!
It's been used to excess starting with The BÖC and then there followed a host of others such as Motörhead, Mötley Crüe. Even legendary Scottish band Holocaust adapted their name on the "Heavy Metal Mania" single as HÖLÖCÄÜST, how's that for umlaut overload?
The origins of the unorthodox umlaut was first adopted by Blue Öyster Cult and is credited to the late great Allen Lanier.  I've also read that Richard Meltzer, music critic, promoter, writer and one of the creative participants in BÖC's evolution, claims that he came up with the umlaut idea. Allen or Richard, it was a defining mark alongside the Bill Gawlik Kronos symbol.
Richard also had a song called "Electrocute Your Cock", un-umlaut related trivia, an act not endorsed by this here blog. Reader discretion advised as they say.

Hell, let's have a playlist, an umlaut riddled playlist...obviously.

1. "Paralyzed" - Motörhead 
2. "Baby Ice Dog" - Blue Öyster Cult
3. "Eyes of a Stranger" - Queensrÿche
4. "Heavy Metal Mania" - HÖLÖCÄÜST 
5. "Killed By Death" - Motörhead (with Würzel!)

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Top Of The Pops

BBCtv Top of the Pops...The theme music I remember was an interpretation of Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love. There was Pan's People, I couldn't tell you when the evolution to Legs & Co. happened. 

Appearances by the likes of SAHB, AC/DC, Nazerath, Motörhead, Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest (they had a few songs on TOTP for instance the likes of "Living After Midnight", with Rob Halford or was it Tim Brooke-Taylor?)

At the height of NWOBHM there were Saxon, Iron Maiden on the show bringing real music to the masses. 

My favourite TOTP performance remains HeadGirl playing "Please Don't Touch". Now that was fun.

Here's a blog devoted to TOTP episodes, warning the site contains gratituitous images of former Radio 1 DJs...

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Hot Rails To Hell

Why remake a classic film?
It pays no tribute to the original, remakes are often akin to a lesser band putting out an off the cuff cover song.
The 1974 grit and grime of The Taking of Pelham 123 is stand out but the remake merely an average outing. 

1974 what a year and what outstanding albums were released...
Budgie "In For Kill", 
UFO "Phenomenon", 
BÖC "Spectres". 
Absolute greatness right there!

So here's today's playlist, decidedly 1974 flavoured, have you got any preferences?

Kiss "Strange Ways"
Sweet "Solid Gold Brass"
Scorpions "Fly To The Rainbow"
Deep Purple " Stormbringer"
Judas Priest "Never Satisfied"

Sunday, 2 March 2014


My old chum Mike over at his blog of note recently heralded the godliness that was Blighty's premier music paper "Sounds".
I read Sounds like no other media on earth, in my world it blocked out television, radio save for the mandatory Friday Rock Show, and my parents. It played the perfect companion to a groovy ThirtyThree & a Third. Come the end of the school week I was there at the newsagent, soon to devour its contents and pour over its classifieds. My formative years were at best awkward but Sounds gave me the means to my thrills record reviews; dominating photos of Stacia, Toyah, Debbie Harry; and then there was Curt Vile. 
Most of my heroes were contained within its pages and the means of my escape from teenage angst. 

Saturday, 1 March 2014

More Comebacks Than Quo

It's been a difficult 6 months, I've struggled and I've stressed. Also my 2nd PC packed in leaving me to cope via iPad and it doesn't suit my typing. So...

The blog took a back seat to the procastinator's easy outlet Twitter. I apologise again (you've heard this before Dear Readers) for not passing by your blogs (you know who you are). I'm now set on trying at least a weekly blogpost - let's see where it takes me.  Thanks for the patience.

I'm still in the market for good time machine...

So here's a playlist to start things off in a noisy manner, no?

1. Stone Dead Forever - Motörhead 
2. Motor City Is Burning - MC5
3. Speiluhr - Rammstein
4. Prince Kajuku - UFO
5. Black Betty - Ram Jam

And for gratuitousness?
How's about Deborah Harry clad in Patti Smith Group Tee & those b-b-boots?
Oh! eh!

Thursday, 31 October 2013


"It's time"
I was going to come up with a ghoulish playlist but I'm let's be having yours please?

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Black Sanctuary 1988 - 2013

Was it Sounds or pre-mediocre Rock Kerrang! that had the regular feature on vinyl rarities?
If the mighty Sounds stood the test of time then I'd like to think that the following album would have made the feature.  For this year sees the 25th Anniversary of the release of tonight's main course, the tour de force Black Sanctuary the 1988 debut album release by cult Metal band GENOCIDE nippon.  I bought the album out of curiosity about a year after it first came out.  I'm rather glad that I forked out the £1.89 back then for the precious vinyl, it still rests pride of place here in the Bothy among my burgeoning GENOCIDE nippon collection.  

This is a Heavy Metal band who really should have made it, instead Black Sanctuary was the band's only full studio album release to date (but pilgrims, get this..whispers are afoot of a new album!).  It will cost you a full shillings worth but I thoroughly recommend their Destroy and Hell: 30th Anniversary CD/DVD (the package celebrates the band's career up to 2009, contains the remastered version of Black Sanctuary and it is vein rich in live video footage - it was my album of the year in 2009. Indulge yourselves!
I even bent myself out of shape in happy hysteria to get a copy of the limited Disk Union version, thanks to my great friend and fellow GENOCIDE maniac Keiichi.

The original King Klassic Records release of Black Sanctuary was given the classic reissue treatment in 2009 due to Shadow Kingdom RecordsI can assure you that from the moment you hear the extraordinary vocal talent of Toshihiro Takeuchi you know you are in for one Hell of a journey!

Over the years I have plagued people to the point of their likely lasting despair with my glowing references on this album's worthiness.  Indeed, the essential elements of this review has been pushed, promoted and plugged in all directions of the great internet and previously by pen, by shout and by audio cassette.   A perfect excuse then to expand on earlier words by revising and updating my trumpeting the Metal world of GENOCIDE nippon.  In fact, earthlets, as with the original writings I was going into the review intent on a balanced, carefully crafted reflection but no, I just cannot hold back with this album, and at the risk of sounding over enthusiastic, like Geoff Barton in days of yore with any KISS album he could lay his hands on, this is a truly outstanding accomplishment, an exploding five star album, for your friend and humble narrator this stupendous metal magic is worthy of excited unholy exaltation!

Musically, what you get on the black vinyl slice of possessed plastic (the 2009 Shadow Kingdom release is actually a two CD set, the bonus disc carrying deliciously unseasoned demonic demo versions) is an epic of horrifying power.  A heady mix in the heritage of Satori era A Flower Travellin' Band and sinful original Metal, a battering ram blend all of their own.  

This is a cult album spewing out the finest selection of cuts, unharnessed and truly unrelenting, I’ll  wager it has been aeons since you heard such a pure, such a devout slab of music.   Audibly mesmerising you just have to hear the Metal mindbending of the infectious axe frenzies of Kazuo Amaya and Kouichi Kawakami. It is heavy, melodic and above all riff vintage from start to finish, put simply it is beautiful!

The opener Doomsday, works itself into a raging inferno all at the delightful expense of the listener's eardrums.  The title track is another standout, as is Last Confusion, the addictive Midnight (Come She Will), the beautiful haunting ballad Landscape of Life and the showpiece epic Living Legend.  And there is the clever A Bullet In The Wrong Heart, with its ingenious switching riffs that literally rips this listener's head and heart from their anchoring sinews. The dual guitar melodies create real wonders, jaw droppingly so. 

The darkest of doom Metal arts are at work on this album, a doom laden soundtrack that is more often than not catalysed into searing ferment by the astonishing guitar duo, solid rhythm section and one of the greatest metal vocalists ever!
No, really!

Now go, worship at the altar of GENOCIDE nippon your soul (and your ears) demand it!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sunday Vinyl

I'm sorry dear readers for the infrequent blogging, and worse in my book being lax in visiting my favourite blogs as much as I should.  I'm still without a proper computer and working via iPhone and iPad which ain't cool in typing confidence. Plus I've been under the cosh (Factory pun).

Anyway I'll make up to you all soonest. 

Meantime, here's a gratuitous image of Claudia playing records 'round at my gaff (aye right). If it were true, oh! You'd never leave the house. album playlist for any working man (and woman for that matter) this coming, gruelling week...

Oh but before I do, a big edge of the world thanks to Metallic brother Mr Mark Rice for the latest of his sumptuous compilation takes pride of place in the CD grinder this hallowed weekend....Rock Forever!

1. Roller - Goblin
2. Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
3. Montrose - Montrose
4. Van Halen - Van Halen
5. Beretta 70 - various artists
6. Can't Get Enough - Hairy Chapter
7. Never Turn Your Back On A Friend - Budgie
8. Alkahest - Paul Chain

Sunday, 8 September 2013

On Fire

1978, I had a full head of hair back then. In fact suffice to say it was a healthy mane complimented by a fine pair of seventies sideburns. It's now 2013, I've lost (most) of my locks and the sideburns are but a shadow of their former glory. I went from the style of Ralf Edström circa 1974 to Commissioner Bob Hauk circa 1997.  But it's about the music right?

Our bodies will wither but a true classic album lives forever, never ages, always the 1978 mega magic that stands up as Van Halen's debut outing, vinyl made glorious. Upon hearing the raging riffery unbound on this LP for the first time, an audio onslaught so tasty you'd do just about anything for some more.

It's all here ladies and pilgrims, the fast and the furious. Runnin' With The Devil, Eruption, an OTT über ultimate version of the Kinks You Really Got Me, the fan fav Ain't Takin' 'Bout Love, Jamie's Cryin' and the crunching Atomic Punk.

I've been loving this piece of vinyl since 1978 but I'm willing to share...dig in

Monday, 2 September 2013

True Confessiöns

The enduring image I have of Allen Lanier is seeing BÖC playing live around 1981, he was flitting between the keyboards and guitar resplendent in a OGC Nice football shirt - the Red & the Black...naturellement.

Rest in peace Mr. Lanier